Ideal Pallet System, Inc.

Pallets to suit your needs since 1965…

Since opening our doors in 1965, Ideal Pallet has been providing Los Angeles and Orange County industries and small businesses with high-quality custom pallets and shipping products. We are a family-owned business with a small crew of dedicated, long-term employees with well over 250 years of cumulative experience building custom pallets, skids, boxes, and crates.

Our team of skilled and educated designers can build to your exact specifications or help you design the pallets, skids, boxes, or crates to suit all your shipping and warehousing needs. As a pallet manufacturing company, the quality of our products are dependable, reliable and built to suit your needs! We have no minimum or maximum order, and often times can process and manufacture your order to be ready for pickup or delivery within three days or less. We build and stock the “standard” 48″ x 40″ GMA pallet, but our strength lies in custom products and specialized heat-treated pallets for international export.

We offer a variety of lumber grades and can produce pallets for one-time use or repeated use. We can build pallets with special heat-treated lumber that meets APHIS standard for international shipping. Our employees have been with us from the start and every member at our Huntington Beach facility has become a part of a thriving team that reflects in the history of our continued success in satisfying our customers.  For more information and to get a quote, visit our Pallets page.

In addition to manufacturing custom pallets, we sell seasoned firewood in a variety of amounts for delivery from Newport Beach to Long Beach, or for pickup. Visit our Ideal Firewood page for more information.

Ideal Pallet also offers stable bedding made of wood shavings that we deliver to horse stables in Huntington Beach, Orange County. To learn more about our stable bedding products, visit our Stable Services page.